Why do we need a new park?
Our beloved park has served us well as a centerpiece of our community. But, after professional assessment, we have determined that it has reached the end of its expected lifespan of 20 years. Two years ago, a decision to start the rebuild effort was begun by a committee of parents, educators, citizens and city employees. It’s sad to see the old park go, but it’s also incredibly exciting to build a new, up-to-date playground for the next generation of young moms and dads, grandparents and, most of all, the children.

Where can I see the design?
There are copies of the plans posted at Burton Elementary, City Hall, the Recreation Center and the library. Or, check out the plans online at www.CrowdRise.com/BurtonCommunityPark.

What’s the cost?
Our current wooden play structure cost $250,000, twenty years ago and was built by our own hands. The full cost of the new park includes the design, demolition, construction drawings, construction, and landscaping. Thanks to the help of M.C. Smith and Associates, we’ve been able to keep the costs as low as possible while incorporating some amazing structures in the final plans. Grand total? $440,000.

How are we going to raise the money?
$440,000 is a lot of money. We checked the math, element by element – slide to drainage pipe – start to finish. It adds up. But we are Huntington Woods, and the Burton playground is our heart. We will tap into this spirit to get everyone involved to make it happen. Burton families raised $30,000 in six weeks. We have applied for grants. We are approaching over 100 local businesses. We are approaching our 20 Huntington Woods clubs and organizations. But nothing is more powerful than our individual residents and their connections to our city heart.

What happens if we don’t raise all the money?
We are 100% confident we’ll raise this money. M. C. Smith has successfully worked with similar communities that have had similar concerns and in 35 years, not one of them has come up short. They have examined our financial plan, and stated we are doing all the right things to be successful. It is most effective if we gather our funding by February 2013. But what if we don’t? We will dig deeper and take another year to find more grants, sponsors, events and individuals. Fundraising consultants all agree that it best that we all focus on giving now, and not protract this process. The children would agree.

How will people be recognized for their generosity?
There will be a Donor Wall in the park, where we will honor our donors, big and small.

How do I help?
Write a check to:
“Berkley School District fbo BCP.”

Mail to:
Friends of Burton Community Park
26315 Scotia
Huntington Woods, MI 48070


Go to www.CrowdRise.com/BurtonCommunityPark and click on the Fundraise for this Event button to join an existing team or launch your own fundraiser. It’s easier than you think. After you create your page on CrowdRise, email a link to your fundraising page to everyone you know and ask them to donate. Get creative and have fun. The best fundraisers come from your heart and your passion.